GreenCleanPRO Granular Algaecide / Fungicide

GreenClean Granular Algaecide

GreenClean Granular algaecide controls algae and bacteria before it enters the irrigation system.

GreenCleanPRO Granular Algaecide / Fungicide is approved for use in irrigation and surface waters, kills all types of algae and can be applied without any restrictions or run off concerns. GreenClean algaecide destroys algae on contact, leaving water clean and ready to be used for irrigation immediately.

Treating a water source or pond with GreenCleanPRO Algaecide before it reaches the irrigation system protects against pathogens and algae from building up and clogging your irrigation system. This not only ensures that clean water is being delivered to growing plants; it also inhibits biofilms in piping and emitters.

  • No Run Off Concerns
  • No Mutational Resistance
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 60 Certified for Drinking Water
  • OMRI Listed for Organic Production

Agricultural Spray Water, Irrigation Ponds, Drainage Water, Ditches, Lagoons, and Canals

Apply GreenClean Pro as a granular (GreenClean Granular Algaecide), using a granular blower, hand spreader or by aerial application. GreenClean Pro can be used for full volume treatments or spot treatments in preventative or curative programs.

GreenClean Pro Algaecide and GreenClean Pro Granular Algaecide are both available in 50 lb. bags..

$145.00 50 lb