OxiDate 2.0 kills fungus, bacteria and spores on contact, stopping infection in its tracks. It can be used for:

-Quick knock-down

-Population control

-Resistance management tool

-Foliar spray, pre plant drip, seed treatment

-Ideal tank mix partner for residual/systemic chemistries
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Safeguard Your Fruits And Vegetables
Before They Leave The Field

OxiDate kills bacterial and fungal pathogens on contact, offering superior crop protection. Use OxiDate for curative and preventative applications, or tank mix with other residual fungicides to help provide immediate knockdown control. With Oxidate, zero days to harvest and zero hour re-entry interval* allow growers to spray right up to the day of harvest.

Benefits include:

  • EPA Registered, NOP Compliant
  • OMRI listed for Organic Production
  • Zero-Days to Harvest
  • Exempt from Pesticide Residue
  • No Mutational Resistance
  • Zero-Hour REI (Four-Hour in California*)
  • Labeled by Florida and US EPA for Citrus Canker Applications

OxiDate comes in the following gallon size containers:

2.5, 5, 30, 55, and 275 gallon containers.

OxiDate eradicates disease and plant pathogens such as:

  • Anthracnose
  • Botrytis
  • Powdery and Downy Mildew
  • Early and Late Blight
  • Pythium
  • Bacterial Spot and Speck
  • Fusarium
  • Phytophthora
  • Rhizoctonia


$138.00 2.5gal            $236.00 5gal

OxiDate Broad Spectrum Bactericide / Fungicide


OxiDate 2.0 works by surface contact with the plants and materials being treated. It is important to ensure that all surfaces are thoroughly wetted.

OxiDate 2.0 uses an oxidation chemical reaction to kill bacteria, fungus and spores. More specifically, OxiDate 2.0 reacts with the enzymes and proteins that make up simple cell organisms on contact.Type your paragraph here.

The Dosing and Monitoring System allows growers and post harvest processors to effortlessly monitor and maintain the exact amount of BioSafe Systems’ product required to treat irrigation and processing water systems. The MDS is an integral part of any food safety program and is compatible with SaniDate 12.0, SaniDate 5.0, StorOx 2.0, and OxiDate.

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