$33.00 per gallon - 30 gal

$29.00 per gallon - 55 gal

$27.70 per gallon - 275 gal

Please call to order these larger sizes

$119.00 2.5 gal            $197.00 5 gal

A CHLORINE ALTERNATIVE SaniDate 5.0 is a high-strength, activated peroxygen concentrate for hard surface sanitation, disinfection, and clean-in-place applications for packing shed, food processing, and general premises. SaniDate 5.0 eliminates human, animal health, and spoilage pathogens on contact. A chlorine alternative, SaniDate 5.0 is NOP compliant and OMRI listed for organic production.

Benefits include:

  • EPA Registered
  • OMRI listed for Organic Production
  • Alternative to Chlorine
  • Environmentally-Responsible Chemistry
  • Meets National Organic Program (NOP) Requirements

Post Harvest Treatments in Packinghouses and Food Processing Plants:

Direct injection into spray waters used on process lines:
Treat water containing plant pathogens by injecting SaniDate 5.0 directly into spray system water.

For post-harvest spray treatments on process and packing lines:
Inject SaniDate 5.0 directly into spray system water on process and packing lines to prevent bacterial and fungal diseases on post-harvest fruits and vegetables.

For direct injection into dump tanks, hydro coolers and spray systems:
For treatment of water containing plant pathogens, inject SaniDate 5.0 and maintain a predetermined residual level by using metering equipment, coupled with ORP measuring probes.

SaniDate 5.0 can be used as an adjunct to acceptable manual cleaning and disinfecting to treat hard, non-porous room surfaces in Kennels, Dairies and Beverage/Food Processing Plants.

The SaniDate Dosing and Monitoring System allows growers and post harvest processors to effortlessly monitor and maintain the exact amount of BioSafe Systems’ product required to treat irrigation and processing water systems. The MDS is an integral part of any food safety program and is compatible with SaniDate 12.0, SaniDate 5.0, StorOx 2.0, and OxiDate.

The MDS can be built for you by a BioSafe System Specialist upon request.

SaniDate 5.0 Sanitizer/Disinfectant