$236.00 5gal

The Monitoring & Dosing System allows growers and post harvest processors to effortlessly monitor and maintain the exact amount of BioSafe Systems’ product required to treat irrigation and processing water systems. The MDS is an integral part of any food safety program and is compatible with SaniDate 12.0, SaniDate 5.0, StorOx 2.0, and OxiDate.

StorOx Broad Spectrum Bactericide / Fungicide

StorOx is a versatile post-harvest tool that extends shelf life and reduces spoilage of stored crops. A chlorine alternative, StorOx leaves no residues. Use StorOx in all packing shed and post-harvest applications to kill bacteria, fungi, and their spores, which cause premature decay.

How Does StorOx Work?
StorOx works through a powerful oxidation reaction, destroying the proteins and enzymes that make up pathogens. These organisms are broken apart and killed on contact, with no chance for mutational resistance to develop. After the peroxygen chemistry reacts, StorOx quickly biodegrades, leaving behind no residue.

StorOx can be used for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Direct injection into dump tanks, hydro coolers and spray waters on process lines
  • As a spray treatment for newly harvested crops
  • As a fog treatment for stored crops
  • For treatment of nonpotable water systems (wash tanks, dip tanks, drench tanks, evaporators, humidification systems, and/or storage tanks)

Benefits include:

  • EPA Registered
  • OMRI Listed for Organic Production
  • Zero-Hour REI (Four-Hour in California*)
  • Reduction of Spoilage Organisms to Extend Shelf Life
  • No Mutational Resistance
  • Non Residual - Exempt from Pesticide Tolerances
  • Reduced-Risk Chemistry

Storox comes in the following gallon size containers:

5, 30, 55, and 275 gallon containers.